Dear Austin – A Letter To My Son

by David M. Perkins

Dear Austin front cover

Leaving Home –

for college, for military service, or for a job.
It’s a milestone in the life of almost every child.
And a bittersweet crossroads for almost every parent.

What you say to your child at this critical moment, and how you say it, can be a welcome catharsis for you, as a parent, and a lifelong gift to your child. The letter in this book is how David Perkins chose to say goodbye to his son as he left for college.

If you’re a parent confronting the inevitable concerns that come with a child’s departure from home, this book can help you come to terms with and embrace the hope and excitement of this new chapter in your life, and your child’s life. If you’re a young man or young woman preparing to leave home, the advice in this book is timeless and universal.

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What Professionals Have to Say About Dear Austin –

“Dear Austin is a gem, and Austin is a very fortunate young man. Your words of wisdom and loving thoughts provide a priceless touchstone as you encourage him to find his way, not follow yours.

I wish you well with your book and hope it finds its way into the hands of many parents who are launching their sons and daughters — deepening connection while letting go.”

Karen Levin Coburn, Senior Consultant in Residence, Washington University
Co-author of Letting Go: A Parents’ Guide to Understanding the College Years

“David Perkins’ poignant, tender, wise love letter to his college-bound son is essential reading for all parents in similar situations. It’s about holding on and letting go. This is not a ‘how to write this letter’ book but more importantly an inspired invitation to let your heart whisper what it most yearns to say to your departing children.

Read it, feel it, and write your own love letters when it’s time.”

Carleton Kendrick, Ed.M., LCSW, Family Therapist
Author – Take Out Your Nose Ring, Honey, We’re Going to Grandma’s: Hanging In, Holding On and Letting Go of Your Teen

“This book is so needed for every parent who thinks their child is going through the rite of passage into adulthood, no matter where that next step is leading. Dear Austin is a great resource to help parents begin to let go; it validates the necessity that it’s okay to let go. David Perkins does a beautiful job of letting parents know that it’s okay to feel nervous about this critical time in your child’s life, and to embrace uncertainty because, simply, there is no way around it.”

“David has the ability to combine humor and heartache, which left me in laughter and tears for all the right reasons. I loved the voice he invested in this book – real, genuine, from the heart, and mixed with confidence, anxiety, uncertainty, and vulnerability. As parents, we really need to embrace all, face all, and fear all. His letter has shown me the future of what my husband and I hope to become.”

Sonja Montiel, M.A., Educational Consultant,

“On the eve of his son’s departure for college, David Perkins wrote a wonderful, heartfelt, funny and wise farewell letter, jotting down everything he wanted to say about, well, everything – life, love, hopes and dreams, good choices, bad choices and the freedom to choose. It’s what every parent yearns to express. And it’s the perfect volume to press into your beloved child’s hands on graduation day.”

Jackie Burrell, Guide to Parenting Young Adults,

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